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architecturbandesign | architecture urban and design by M.M

Calvin DidY M.M

born 1978 in Douala - CMR, obtained in 2001 a higher technician Certificate in Civil Engineering and followed that by earning a Master of Architecture P.T.S. from “Politecnico di Milano” - ITA in 2008.

With over 10 years of professional Design, Architecture and Engineering experiences plus multiple formal schooling within these disciplines, he has acquired significant skills in master planning, architectural studies, renovation, and structural design. He has expanded his knowledge of project management and integrated design during multiple internships and as architect in different offices in Cameroon (e.g. Cabinet d’Architecture Diwouta, Douala), Italy (e.g. Office of engineering & architecture GUFFANTI Group & Partners s.r.l., Milan) and in Switzerland (e.g. HHF Architects, S&S Architects, RAPP Architects). 

M.M has also accumulated knowhow in residential and public buildings especially in creative design, executive projects, 3D modelling, visual Art, V.D.C./B.I.M. as well as in administrative procedures, building sites and safety. Meanwhile, he has also gained international background by participating in ideas & architectural competitions in Italy, Germany and Switzerland (specifically in Swiss Romandie).

As member of the Order of Architects of Milan in ITA, Freelancer Structural architect & Interior designer, M.M is involved in coworking, in project completion and related accomplishments on behalf of architecture offices & private customers.

He fluently speaks French, Italian, English and now German.

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