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If you're looking for technical, appropriate, creative, simple but not banal solutions for your spaces, get ONLINE the tailored support of the architecturbandesigner by following these 5 short instructions:


1. Submit a request of support, according to the size of the services SX, S, M, L or XL, via the CONTACTS page of this website.


2. M.M answers to you indicating the meaningful photos, useful plans and drawings to fulfil your request. 


3. Send the indicated attachments via e-mail ( and add "architecturbandesign" to your Skype contacts

     (You will be asked to specify your availability and 2 possible appointment times for an interview via social networks). 


4. M.M will establish with you a free chat or a video interview to agree on the stages of work and the related fees*


5. If your request is accepted, M.M will design a tailored proposal for you

     (Possibly a second proposal in tribute, if the first is not satisfying), 


     And so on ...



Size XS: 

First site inspection, take-over of the state of site & feasibility studies.

Ideas & Concept: choice of a theme, coaching, sketches, tips and tricks (colours, materials, finishes). 


Size  S:

Furnishing & Decorations: 2D studies and deliverables for restyling, relooking, beautification and home staging (furniture personal shopper & elements for completion).


Size  M:

Eco-friendly design & Details: 2D/3D studies and deliverables for pavilion, stand, furniture, luminary, product, identity, constructive details.


Courtyard & Interior design: 2D/3D studies and deliverables for re-use, renovation (entrance, living, kitchen, room, attic, balcony, terrace, backyard, patio, showroom, store, office,  ...)


Size  L:

Sustainable building design: 2D/3D - B.I.M. studies and deliverables for new building, extension, transformation, conversion, union/division, refurbishment, including authorisation permits.


Preliminary design of structures: 2D/3D - B.I.M. studies and deliverables of concrete, steel, glass and mixed structures.


Size XL:

Co-working**2D/3D - B.I.M. studies and deliverables for masterplan, integrated and complex projects; idea and architecture competitions; BIM-Coordination.



*  Depending on the size of the services and the complexity of the intervention, fees and reimbursement of expenses could be paid in instalments with a deposit in advance. The fees are based on the effective worked hours and/or a percentage of the budget, anyhow ≤ 10 % of the budget, excluding expenses. 


** Visit Co-working subpage for more information...

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